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Karen Snyder

Trusted Advisor to CEOs and HR Directors

To arrange a complimentary session:
Concordia Consulting LLC
has been Helping
Employees Work Together
for 22 years.
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Trusted Advisor to CEOs and HR Directors

About Karen

Karen Snyder, MS-HR Business Strategist

When Karen Snyder partners with you in your workplace, you immediately feel confident as you know you have hired an experienced consultant who will help you empower your employees, lighten your stress and make your work more fulfilling.

You will experience her heightened energyintuitive focus, and almost uncanny ability to help you identify just what you need to grow your employees. When you hire Karen, she’ll design just the right programs and processes for your organization.  She might consult with senior leaders on succession planning, she might develop an onboarding program and she will always be involved in helping employees work more effectively.  Karen’s programs are highly customized to fit your organization.

With more over 25 years in the speaking and training profession, Karen is skilled as interactive facilitator. Her warm enthusiastic style immediately puts her audience at ease. Participants appreciate her authenticity and empathy while they enjoy laughing with her at the humor and contradictions inherent in all organizations. Employees leave her sessions with information, insight, and skills that make them better communicators and co-workers.

Karen holds master’s degree in organizational development from Johns Hopkins University, and an undergraduate degree in industrial psychology from the University of Virginia. She has been accepted as a full member of the National Speakers Association and will earn her CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) in 2016.  Karen is on steering committee of the Human Resources BioAlliance (HRBA).

Karen starts most mornings with her yoga practice or a vigorous walk with her loving friends. Karen’s three children make her proud each day. She thoroughly enjoys her texts and chats with her two adult sons as they share their trials and tribulations in launching their own careers. She has the pleasure of ending each day with hugs from her wonderful husband and her teen-age daughter.  Karen brings mindfulness, strength and joy to the workplaces where she empowers others to create the lives they wish for themselves.

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