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Concordia Consulting has been Helping Employees Work Together for 22 Years.
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Karen Snyder

Trusted Advisor to CEOs and HR Directors

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Concordia Consulting LLC
has been Helping
Employees Work Together
for 22 years.
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Trusted Advisor to CEOs and HR Directors

Clients & What They Say

More than 22 years of Testimonials


“You can count on Karen to work with you in a creative, concentrated, and highly professional way. She has a great sense of humor and also knows how to get right to the point. She incorporates lessons from every day life into her work in a way that's practical and insightful.”  - Lynne Waymon, CEO of Contacts Count (February 20, 2009)


“Karen is an enormously thought-provoking presenter and consultant, integrating cutting edge content with skillful facilitation of diverse groups and organizational challenges. She is one of the most intuitive consultants I know, artfully managing the pace of a clients' insights and implementation, and ready to take things to the next level at a moment's notice, if it will serve the clients' objectives. With a thirst for the latest research, Karen is a delight to collaborate with and a very substantive thought partner.” - Linda K. (Bidlack) Pütz, Principal, LKP Assessment and Development Systems (February 12, 2009)


“Karen is an outstanding business consultant and coach. I hired her to help me do important team building during a time we were making significant changes at Long & Foster Training. She's so talented, intuitive and skilled. She made the process meaningful, fun and above all, helped me set the team on the right path. Since then, I've recommended her to other department heads where she's had similar great results. Thank you Karen!” - Susan Ireland (January 12, 2009)


"I just wanted to echo the same sentiment to all of those who attended the training.  I have been smiling all weekend and that is a good thing! I wish the very best to all of those to whom I have met and I hope you achieve any dreams you have set for yourselves. Thank you Kelsey for your never ending energy!!!! I will take that and run with it!! and thank you most of all Karen, for your patience, understanding and open mind, that helped me most of all. But to all of you, I have taken something from everyone and I can only hope that I will come become a better person because of it." —Shunda Yates, Park Ranger, Union Representative, National Mall and Memorial Parks


“She’s funny, captivating, realistic, and able to draw on relevant work experience with her case studies, scenarios, and examples, awakening senior executives (and staff at all levels) to the “tools” they already possess. She has a style that makes others instantly feel comfortable, something we greatly value in a presenter.” —Kirsten D. Fischer, HR Manager, The Cassidy Companies, Inc. “Karen worked closely with me to customize her programs to fit the specific needs of my internal clients at Verizon. Since 1998, Karen has delivered approximately 150 classes for us. I was impressed with her skills and abilities in creating participant involvement and receptivity. She has received exceptionally high feedback scores every time.” —Kathryn Morales-Walsh, Staff Director, Management Education & Development, Verizon


“If you’re looking for a Performance Enhancer whom participants consistently rate # One, then choose Karen Snyder. For six years, Karen has received consistently high marks at Comcast Communications for her unique style of creating a motivational environment. Learners benefit from her engaging manner and ability to influence participant growth in leadership development.” —Pam Stanford, Regional Learning & Development Manager, Comcast


“Rigorous, productive, and effective are all words to describe Karen Snyder’s management-development programs. Karen helped our national customer-service team find a valuable path to providing continuous world-class service.” —Denise Harris, USA Today


“Our employees value Karen’s intuition, and rely on her constructive feedback. They see her as an extension of the HR department. She might get more hugs than I do.” —Jeff Hurdle, Director, Human Resources, Shire Laboratories