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Employee Engagement - Mindset

Your Brain in 2018 is Your 1950’s Widget

I know you wouldn’t steal your company’s computer. You know the one I mean. The one your employer bought for you that you store everything on and haul back and forth to the office. Fortunately, MY readers don’t steal. They are honest folks.

And of course, in 2018, most of us realize that many of us are being paid for our brain power. Some people do actually perform tasks and produce goods that are tangible, but most of us write, read, talk, organize, email, prioritize, and distribute. Most of us are paid for the knowledge we hold and convey. So, all I am asking you is, “Are you mostly productive?”

This is a gentle reminder that while you are texting, Snapchatting, Instagramming, and Facebooking, unless you are contributing to the social media for your organization, you are sort of stealing.

I am frequently asked about software that monitors how much time employees spend surfing the net, or are otherwise disengaged. I ask, “Who’s going to monitor the employee monitoring system?”

If you wouldn’t steal a computer, then don’t lose track of the time your employer is paying you for. It’s just a simple reminder.

Are you mostly productive?

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Feedback and Recognition - Mindset

Is She Breathing?

How do you know if a person needs encouragement?

If they are breathing!

If you know me, you know I believe in the power of appreciation and encouragement. None of us get enough of it. So, if you read many, or any, of my blogs, you know I write about this a lot. Here are some practical tips for giving more encouragement to the people around you.

On the way to the parking lot, elevator or bathroom (pick your favorite), always find someone to encourage. Can’t find anyone? Send a text of encouragement.

Set a reminder on your calendar to send an email, text, or make a phone call of appreciation. Have the reminder repeat daily. Okay, you can take your birthday off.

Never eat lunch until you have told someone something they are doing well.

Begin every meeting noticing something that is going well.

Bring 20 note cards to work each month. Use them up each month. Repeat. In the note card write things like, “Enid, thanks for putting in a good word for the research team when you spoke to the board,” or “Ralph, when I was walking into work today I noticed you stopped and picked up trash. Thank you.”

Put up a whiteboard in the break room. Write down something great that you noticed about a colleague every day. “Saresh always makes me laugh.” “Ashley is so efficient.” Be prepared to run out of white board space as others will join in.

If you feel encouragement is important, make time for it.

What are your best ways to encourage others?

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Define Leadership

My favorite definition of leadership:

Helping every person reach their potential.

What’s yours?

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