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Silver Linings and Thankfulness

It was back in March when my client, Kristen, asked me, “Karen, what are your silver linings?” She meant, “What are your silver linings related to COVID-19?”

I hadn’t heard that or thought of it that way, but I immediately paused and thought of a few. I am particularly grateful this challenging year for so many silver linings. Here are some of mine:

My health and the ability to take long walks.

My friends who are willing to walk with me and make me laugh and smile.

Technology that makes it easy for me to work.

Meditation and the ability to quiet my busy and oftentimes cluttered brain. 

My colleagues who make me laugh and cut me a lot of slack.

My clients who give my life fulfillment, distraction during COVID-19, purpose and income. 

The beautiful fall leaves.


My home office.

My home.

My wonderful family and their frequent texts and phone calls.

My hope is that during this holiday season, you will find ways to celebrate in safer and quieter ways. I appreciate you.

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Conflict Resolution - Performance Management

How to Create a More Positive Workplace: Handling Disagreements

I conducted a virtual workshop recently on creating a more positive workplace. The insights of the thoughtful and engaged participants were phenomenal! In the weeks to come I will continue to share highlights from the program. After our first session examining what contributes to an ideal workplace, we moved on to handling disagreements. We discussed how to respond appropriately, and how to channel conflict to find common ground and build trust.Since conversations about disagreements can be uncomfortable and unproductive, here are some phrases to have in your toolbox to move the discussion further:

  • It would be helpful if…
  • This might move the project forward…
  • I agree with all these parts, so we just need to work through…

If you are feeling overwhelmed you might say:

  • I am unable to listen right now…
  • I would like to come back later when I can listen fully and be more receptive…
  • I think we need to stop for right now…

If values aren’t in alignment with doing the ethical or moral thing:

  • That surprises me because you are usually so exacting/concerned about the employees/careful about compliance….
  • Have you considered the repercussions…
  • We’re not that kind of a workplace…

And if you want to share your perspective you could say:

  • The story I am telling myself is…
  • What I am making up in my head is…

And most importantly, the best way to end discussions like this is with a genuine statement of collaboration such as: 

  • There’s a lot we do agree on such as…
  • While we don’t always agree, you help me see…
  • I hadn’t considered your perspective.
  • Thank you for taking this so seriously.
  • You always show me other angles.

 What are some ways you handle disagreements?

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Happy Veterans Day 2020

Thank you to all the veterans who protect our democracy.

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