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Hacking Your Happiness Chemicals

All of us need daily doses of each of these happiness chemicals, but how can we get them when we are working? Here are some tips:


  • Finish a little task. Keeping track of the things from your to do list that have already been completed can be very powerful.
  • Have coffee or tea with a colleague.
  • Look for and celebrate small wins.


  • Notice what people are doing right and give sincere compliments lavishly.  
  • Write compliments on sticky notes and leave them around the office.
  • Write thank you notes when colleagues partner with you.


  • Learn and practice 5-minute meditations. Here is a list of some of my favorites to help you get started: Quick Meditations. The magic code word is “meditation.”
  • Take 3 deep breaths when you leave and enter every room.
  • Spend time outside every day, even if it is only for a few minutes here and there.


  • Practice a laughter exercise. When my cousin Pat, a certified coach, told me this exercise, I thought she was crazy, but it actually works!
  • Exercise, stretch, or just take the long way to get wherever you are going.
  • Take some essential oils into your office (as long as your colleagues find them pleasant — we all react differently to scents.)

Take time to do at least one of these every day!

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Conflict Resolution - Diversity and Inclusion

What Would You Do?

In order to create a respectful and inclusive culture, organizations need to provide regular diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training. But once you have had that basic training, how can you mix it up and make it relevant year after year?

At Concordia Consulting, we have found a way! We have adapted actual situations that we have been asked to remedy by changing them just enough to protect those involved. Then we implement the scenarios using a case-study approach to bring our training to life.

Want to try one? 

Edgar, a white male board member of a nonprofit organization, repeatedly asked Lucia, a Latina woman serving on the same board, where she went to college and if he could see her resume. Edgar had never asked anyone else on the board for similar information. Lucia has her PhD in the same field that this organization represents and she is a full professor at the University of Virginia. In terms of education, Lucia is probably the most qualified person on the entire board. 

Lucia resigns from the board saying, “Forget it! I’m tired of being questioned. I don’t need this.” Now half of the employees of the organization want to quit because they don’t respect their board.   

Other factors include the organization’s public communications asserting a strong position on DEI — and the fact that Edgar donates almost 5% of operating revenue.

  • If you were Lucia, how would you respond to Edgar about your treatment?
  • How would you respond if you were a board member and witnessed the different way Lucia was treated from the rest of the board?
  • As a member of the organization, what could you do about this situation?

Please let me know how you would deal with this scenario, as well as how effectively you think your organization might handle it. We will be sharing similar situations in the months to come. If you would like facilitated training with us, we will customize a program specifically for your organization’s circumstances and culture.

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Diversity and Inclusion - Mindset

Widen Your View

I utilized this thought-provoking video from Procter and Gamble as a discussion starter for a recent D&I workgroup. Take a look:

We tend to believe we understand the complete picture, but the assumptions that we make in order to reach our conclusions are often the result of what we most often read in the news or see on our screens. If we consider what details we might be missing, in addition to what we do actually see, we can widen our view.

I have to share that when I watched the video, I did get a very uncomfortable feeling from my own biases. How did you react?

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