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Performance Management

Make Your Meeting A Webinar


With a webinar, two rather than one of the senses is engaged.  Rather than relying completely on sound, the presenter can also engage the sense of seeing.





You also have the ability to:

  1.   See who is on the call (take attendance)
  1.   See who has left the call
  1.   Mute or unmute, so there are no embarrassing background sounds


What else can you do using a webinar format?

Polling or voting also lend themselves to a webinar format.  It’s fun to start the meeting with something entertaining.

How many of you watched the Emmy’s last night?

Then move into the substance of the meeting.  How many of you will still be able to meet your departments goals, given the budget cuts?

A webinar is a way to better engage your audience and therefore better communicate with them as well.

What are some benefits you’ve experienced using webinar format?

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Feedback and Recognition

Paper Airplanes

14355284_sOn the way to our sixth-grade son’s middle-school awards ceremony, we celebrated by going out to dinner.

About half-way through the meal, he said,
“I don’t know what the big deal is. All they give you is a piece of paper.”
We suspected he didn’t really mean it, but talked about how important recognition is, praised him, and continued our meal.

When we walked in, the huge auditorium was already brimming with excitement. The students were a little more dressed up than usual, and the parents were beaming.
You wouldn’t see as many cameras poised to flash, click, and whirr at a Presidential photo-op.

When our son got his first piece of paper, I clapped and his father clicked. When he got the second, I cheered and his father clicked again.

Then it was time for the best piece of paper of all, the one my son wanted most.

My heart pounded as the administrator said something like this:
“This award goes to a distinguished student who excels in mathematics, someone who enjoys the logic of math, and who shares his knowledge with others. This award goes to an eighth grader…”

My pulse slowed. My son sat quietly for a moment. Then he leaned over and whispered, “I’m gonna get that reward when I’m in eighth grade.”

My son went home with two wonderful pieces of paper and a new goal.

What do you do with the paper in your office?

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Diversity and Inclusion

Equal Participation in the Workplace

Studies show that compared to men – women talk less in meetings, make fewer suggestions, are interrupted more and given less credit for their ideas.

Overall – women have less influence in the workplace than men – even at the very same job level.

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Have you ever noticed at a meeting how men gravitate towards ‘front and center’ seats while women often take their seats at the end of a table, or edge of the meeting room?  Women tend to shy away from sitting in places that convey a position of power – and of course this can affect their level of overall communication and thus performance.

It is important to watch for these things in your workplace and encourage full participation from all members of the group, male and female.

Often it can help to pair women up with one another, giving them another participant who encourages and advocates their ideas and input.

Also, be sure that when women do share, that you make an effort to reinforce good ideas and show appreciation for these shared opinions.  The more women are actively communicating in the workplace – the more the entire team benefits from the full dynamic of the group.

What are some other ways you’ve encouraged employees to be equally influential in the workplace?

This blog was inspired by: Gina Bianchini, CEO of

Mightybell & co-founder of LeanIn.Org


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