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With Age Comes the Gift of Loving those Younger

My Great Aunt Edith lived to be 96.

She died 7 years ago.

Aunt Edith

Until the very end, she got up every day.

She lived for more than a decade in senior housing.

She dressed herself.

She walked, or as my kids would say, she scuffled.

She gave, she listened, she loved.


She smiled at everyone who lived and worked in the center.

She didn’t enjoy everyone, but she showed compassion to everyone.


When I was down or overwhelmed, or stressed,

or when I have a challenging decision to make,

I think of her.

I once asked her how she manages her losses.

She said managing stress is quite simple:

Life is not perfect.

Not everyone is kind, but everyone needs kindness.

Control what you can control (which is very little),

Let go of everything else.

Keep life’s routines. Get dressed. Exercise. Be spiritual.

Give love every day.

It always comes back.


When I work in organizations, I hear about alcoholism, abusive relationships, money worries, failed health, job problems.

Knowing, however, is different from doing.  I know my aunt is right–managing stress is simple.

May you live to be vibrant at 96.

To give love and be loved by those around you.





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So You’re Not Stealing…But Are You Sharing As Effectively As Possible?

Ok – so I’ve challenged you to think about whether or not you’re stealing from your company when it comes to the sharing of data and information.  (Here is the blog if you need a refresher: Are You Stealing ‘Widgets’ From Work?)

…If your answer to this question is a definite ‘no!’ then you must be sharing information in all sorts of ways…What are the ways and are they effective?


Think about school – which teachers made the biggest impression?  Do you clearly remember the lesson where the teacher read from the textbook about plants, trees and insects?  Or do you more clearly remember the teacher took the class outside and showed you the plants, trees and insects you were studying?

Look at just a few of the ways we communicate:

·          Powerpoint presentations

·         Emails

·         Memos

·         Meetings

·         Blogs

·         Webinars

·         Games

·         Etc…

Have you thought about the people you are communicating with?  How do they like to receive information?  Do you mix it up occasionally?

If your plan is to share information at the weekly staff meeting – change it up – hold the staff meeting outside, in a new room, or use a game show approach.  The prep time will be longer but if the content is important, it will be remembered…and if the content isn’t important, why are you sharing it?

The ability and willingness to share information, in a way your colleagues can digest it and appreciate it, will set you apart.

What are some other ideas you have for presenting material in memorable ways?


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Holiday F Words

7323851_sAt holiday gatherings, my family of origin played word games (video games hadn’t been invented yet).

It’s natural, then, that I’d use words to facilitate your fantastic family festivities. Here are a few words related to work, work groups, and celebrations. (Some definitions are taken from the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. Others, I made up. You’ll know which are which.)

FACILITATE: To aid or make easier. I hope you’ve read something in my newsletters that’s made your job or life easier these past few months.
FACILITATOR: Someone who helps a group reach goals. One way I’d like to work with your team.
FELICITATOR: The person who leads the fun part of a meeting. The way I’d really like to work with your group.
FELIZ NAVIDAD: Good job–you’re right. Merry Christmas, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I’d like to wish you a happy Hanukkah, a joyous Kwaanza, a glorious New Year’s, and a few relaxing days off.
FATIGUE: What happens when you focus on the details instead of the important stuff. May you keep your fatigue to a minimum during the holiday season.
FECUNDITY: Productive or creative power (work groups at their best).
FEEDBACK: One of the greatest gifts we can give to one another, especially when accompanied by respect and caring.
FEELING: Emotion. Also, a sensation received and delivered through touch. (That’s about all I can say to a business audience.)
FELLOW-FEELING: Sympathetic awareness of others. Very helpful in the workplace.
FEIGN: To fake or pretend. Not a constructive thing to do in a team meeting.
FLEXIBILITY: You’re demonstrating yours by reading this. Your co-workers must love you for it.
FOCUS: What it takes to ignore the urgent and accomplish the important.
FUN: Are you having enough? I hope you are, and that you’re putting more of it in your plan for 2015.
FEED, FOOD, FAT: May you have enough to feel full, but not so much you feel foolish.
FRIEND: What my clients become.
FINALE: If these messages have brought felicity to you, and fecundity to your work group, that’s fabulous.

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