Blazing The Trail For High Performers

I am so energized by the virtual program I just facilitated, helping 12 managers share best practices for “Leading High Performers.”

Three key takeaways:

High-Profile Assignments Lead to High-Profile Recognition

Seek opportunities for high performers to learn different sectors of the business, to work in various departments within the organization, and most importantly, to participate in high-profile assignments. High performers need the challenge and recognition. In addition, it is important for them to interact with colleagues in different parts of the organization.

Give High Performers Encouragement and Help Blaze the Trail for Them

High performers complain about being micromanaged. To be fair, all employees complain about being micromanaged, but for high performers, your involvement may be limiting their excitement and energy toward the project. Check in with high performers and ask them, “How’s it going?” “What can I do to help?” “What people or systems are creating barriers for you?”

Conduct “Stay” Interviews with High Performers Regularly (About Twice a Year)

High performers are driven, and they have a vast network. Depending on their skill set and industry, they may be approached by recruiters as often as once a week. Assume that your high performers are being contacted regularly and make sure that you give them every reason to “stay.” 

You can conduct your “stay” interview more casually, but here are some great questions: 11 Great Stay Interview Questions

Let us know the name and a brief summary of a high performer on your team and we will highlight them in our next newsletter!

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