Presentation and Communication Skills Coaching

Regardless of our job titles, everyone needs to be effective speakers.  Landscape architects, military personnel, veterinarians, truck drivers….almost all workers need to be heard and understood.  Presentation skills are essential, not just for formal speeches, but  for all kinds of interactions, such as

  • Meeting with customers
  • Preparing  briefs
  • Conducting classroom training or webinars
  • Presenting to the board of directors
  • Training new hires
  • Negotiating deals
  • Influencing a team

During Presentation Coaching sessions, conceptualization of what each member of the audience should to take away is important.  Some of the areas covered will include

  • delivering an attention grabbing intro
  • determining the most important message
  • crafting examples, stories and anecdotes to illustrate your point
  • incorporating graphs, statistics and financials
  • creating slides
  • practicing delivery timing
  • inserting purposeful humor and questions
  • developing a compelling call to action or a persuasive close

Practice is an essential part in preparing for a meeting, training or sales presentation.  Important facets in this are breathing, gestures, eye contact, and pacing. Audience response is also considered, with an eye to making statements reasonable and believable, with body language that is consistent with the words.

At the conclusion of presentation skills coaching participants feel more confident and even excited about presenting.

*Unlike executive coaching, presentation skills training is not confidential, in fact, we might even videotape a practice session.