Performance Management

Karen Snyder designed her first performance management system in 1989 when she was Vice President of Training and Development for what is now Bank of America, and what was then Sovran Bank. Partnering with her clients she has developed many new systems through the years, each one customized to that organization’s needs.  Some clients focus on linking their performance management to their strategic plan, others want it to work in tandem with their HR software, and still others use it as a way to bring employees together to improve performance.  A few organizations have evolved enough to use a 360 approach to their plan.  Karen consults with you so that your plan is highly customized and fits your organization’s needs.

And, believe it or not, once the plan is in place, there are times when more work needs to be done, depending on your corporate culture.  Does every member of your leadership team, including your CEO or executive director, take the time to conduct a productive review discussion?  Does everyone in your organization actually go through the process or do a number of employees get skipped because their managers haven’t been thoroughly trained and are avoiding the discussion?   A great system isn’t great if many employees at any level are overlooked.

Most recently Karen has worked with Audubon Naturalist Society, Advanced Medical Technology, and Pharmaceutical Care Management Association on updating and redesigning their plans.