Executive 360

Do you wonder what your Board of Directors really thinks about you?

Do you read about a CEO who is let go, and wonder… could this ever be me?

Do your employees and direct reports tell you what they think you want to hear, instead of what you need to hear?

Whether you are a CEO, Executive Director, or member of a Senior Leadership Team, relationships are 80% of your effectiveness.  If you have achieved one of these positions during your career, then you have the job competence.  The question to ask yourself is…

Do I have the respect and relationships that I need to leverage my organization and myself to the next level?

If you are unsure of the responses to any of these questions, a Live 360 will give you these answers and more!

At the beginning of the 360-degree process, we will meet with you to establish rapport, provide reassurance, and answer questions.  With our help, you will then identify individuals inside and outside of your organization who can provide valuable feedback about what it is like to work with you.  While being very respectful of their time, we will interview anonymously 20 to 30 people from your entire sphere of influence.  This could include everyone from the receptionist to the Director of the Board, as well as colleagues, employees, clients, vendors, and members.  We will discuss your strengths and what you bring to the organization.  The information gleaned will be compiled to show trends, while each colleague’s specific feedback will be confidential.

The 360 process will benefit CEO’s and senior leaders who want to improve their job performance.

This type of review can also be utilized for a subject matter expert who is needed for business operations, but who has personnel issues that could potentially leave your organization vulnerable to a hostile work environment.

The entire process, from start until the last participant reviews their results, is typically two to three months.  It is variable due to the responsiveness of the participants and the raters.  There are many types of 360 assessments, thus one of the most important aspects of a 360-feedback process is determining and, in some cases, modifying the assessment tool to fit the organization’s intention.  This process will include uncovering the goals of the senior leadership team, and then selecting the best assessment, to be administered.  After the appropriate tool is designed the process follows this general outline:

  • Karen presents an overview of the process for 30 minutes at a regular leadership meeting, with a reminder to leaders about how to write constructively.
  • Each leader individually collaborates with Karen to compile their raters (15 minutes per person).
  • An email that is written by Karen and distributed by the organization is sent to all raters.
  • The rating process begins and remains open, with reminder emails sent by the Concordia team every week for two to three weeks.
  • The assessment is scored by Karen.
  • Concordia staff arranges debrief appointments between each leader and Karen at mutually-agreeable times.
  • Debrief appointments are held with the individual leaders and with the division leader to go over the results and recommendations.

Based on the results of the 360 interviews, along with debrief considerations, a unique coaching plan will be designed with each leader’s input that provides strategic business help benefiting the individual and the organization as a whole.  The plans are as diverse as the individuals themselves!  We will then partner with you to make implementing behavioral changes easy, and even fun.  Together we will find small things that you can do to make a big impact.

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