I went to the movies to see Frozen years ago. The song “Let it Go” stuck in my head and I hear it playing in my mind quite frequently when I am working with clients and teams, or working through my own grievances. I just reviewed the lyrics as I was wondering what makes it so catchy. It’s just the “Let it Go” part that is so apt.

One of the things I constantly notice is how rapidly the successful people I coach and work with “Let it Go.” They are so resilient. Below are some of the struggles that coaches and colleagues I admire have experienced this year and shared with me. In addition to their struggles, they have solutions, and they have “Let it Go.”

Ran out of product to sell.

This woman’s response to me, when one third of her product line was eliminated: “Well, fortunately we have two other products that can keep us in business until we find some alternatives.” Four years later, her business has eight new products.

Laptop and wallet stolen.

This man had his laptop and wallet stolen while he was in a long line at a Starbucks. He was on a call with me tw0 hours later, focused on a project. When I asked if he needed time to process what had happened, he said, “No, I have already filed the police report. As soon as I focus on business as usual, the less impact the theft will have.”

Being fired by an alcoholic.

When this single mother lost her job because her boss was an alcoholic, no one in the industry would rehire her. Her response: “I better learn to forgive very quickly.” She sold her house, went back to school, and now owns her own (profitable) business.

And I need this lesson myself!

When I was recently working with my business coach, sharing a misfortune with her, I said, “You would be so proud of me! After only 2 weeks I stopped thinking about it.” She replied, “I will be happy for you when you change from 2 weeks to 2 hours.”

What are you holding on to that is no longer serving you?

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