How to Create a More Positive Workplace: Building Connections

I conducted a virtual workshop recently on creating a more positive workplace. The insights of the thoughtful and engaged participants were phenomenal! In the weeks to come I will be sharing more highlights from the program. We discussed handling disagreements, forming good work habits, and charting a course for a positive future. 

Here are some of the take-aways from one of our ideal workplace discussions, focusing on the importance of building connections. 

  • In our current virtual world, we need to find new opportunities to get to know people and connect as human beings. Sometimes that might just be asking someone how they are doing, and then making time to listen to the answer.
  • Focus should be on behaviors that could diminish or erode stress.
  • If something doesn’t make sense to you, it just means that you don’t understand the other person’s motivations or background. It’s time to go to them and try to understand their point of view.
  • Everything we do all day long in both our personal and professional lives either connects us as human beings or disconnects us. This includes interactions through conversations, email, Zoom calls, and body language. The more we engage in disconnecting behaviors, the more we destroy trust. Connecting helps build our relationships.

How do you build connections in your workplace?

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July 28, 2020

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