How to Create a More Positive Workplace: The Power of Appreciation

I conducted a virtual workshop this past fall on creating a more positive workplace. The insights of the thoughtful and engaged participants were so phenomenal that I have been sharing highlights from the program through a series of blogs. There was one detailing what contributes to an ideal workplace, and another on building connections. We then advanced to handling disagreements, discussing some helpful phrases to use in conversations, how to respond appropriately to difficult situations, and how to reduce conflict before it happens

As part of the workshop, participants were given a homework exercise that I like to use in various programs and for my coaching clients. I asked them to think of a few work-related things for which they are grateful. I welcomed their submissions, and when shared with the whole class, it reminded everyone to stop and notice what is going right. Below are some of their responses: 

  • Knowing that I have helped someone during very stressful times.
  • Friendly, happy faces to say good morning to.
  • Really good open communication during this time, so no one feels out of the loop.
  • I love the atmosphere and welcoming environment that my coworkers and I have created.
  • That I have autonomy in planning my day and have freedom to adjust to work on higher priorities when necessary.
  • The availability of the latest technology and equipment to do our jobs (at work and at home).
  • Great IT Team that is patient and willing to train – especially appreciated NOW.
  • Working in an environment that values work ethic and accountability.
  • Everyone being very helpful and kind.
  • Blue skies and sunshine!

What is going right in your workplace today?

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February 11, 2015

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