Next Play

My colleague, Arnie Sanow, is so resilient! Recently I asked him about his ever-present ability to not take things personally and to always focus on the next opportunity rather than lament the moments that fell short.

He told me that he learned the skill a very long time ago when he played tennis at the University of Maryland. Whenever a ball sailed past, or a volley didn’t make it, his coach would say, “Next Play.”

The words “Next Play” helped Arnie to refocus his attention on his actual step forward, rather than to fret about what had just occurred. We understand how critical this skill is for sports and athletes, but I think it is equally, if not more important, for all of us who work in office jobs.

How resilient are you? Here are some of my favorite examples of resilience. How quickly do you bounce back when an email backfires, a member leaves, or a fender bender (literal or figurative) occurs?

I welcome you to add “Next Play” to your vocabulary, and use it frequently!

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