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Concordia Consulting has been Helping Employees Work Together for 22 Years.
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Karen Snyder

Trusted Advisor to CEOs and HR Directors

To arrange a complimentary session:
Concordia Consulting LLC
has been Helping
Employees Work Together
for 22 years.
(301) 315-2308

Trusted Advisor to CEOs and HR Directors

Successful Projects

Organizational Effectiveness Projects


Talent Development, Performance Appraisal and Staffing Plans

Has your organization grown so fast that the organization doesn’t have a leadership development programs?  Or does a plan exists but it’s not creating the type of responsive, proactive and visionary leader that is needed in today’s global marketplace?  Concordia Consulting has worked with numerous clients to determine what traits are truly needed in their industry, and then working collaboratively, we develop a succession plan.



Karen Snyder of Concordia Consulting is a skilled facilitator, program developer and trainer.  With extensive experience implementing organizational change, she is able to uncover and move past resistance in order to reach organizational goals.  Often working with senior executives, earning their trust she is able to help them to be effective as leaders.  Bringing employees together to create synergy and increase productivity is Concordia Consulting’s mission.


Collaboration and Change Management

Working with the Center for Organizational Effectiveness and Monster Government Solutions, Concordia Consulting partnered to update the classification process and system at the US Veterans Administration.  This project involved analyzing and prioritizing complex data and determining the most appropriate classification of jobs based on case law.  This multi-organization, multi-division project, involved interacting with end-users, training end-users and resolving problems quickly.


Business Improvements

Concordia Consulting led a major business improvement project resulting in annual savings in excess of 2M.  The project allowed a subject matter expert who was deemed ineffective by his peers a method to regain his reputation and share his expertise.  At this same company, Concordia Consulting consulted with the CEO to develop a company-wide survey assessing the culture, management, administrative systems, work processes, compensation, benefits, internal communications, decision processes and morale.


Executive Integrity

Concordia Consulting investigated a corporate executive misusing authority.  Documenting highly sensitive evidence and meeting with the COO, the director of human resources and legal counsel on a regular basis we developed an exit plan for the executive.  The investigation and process was deemed successful as the executive sought employment elsewhere with only minor impact to the operation and delivery of the product.


Curriculum and Program Design

Through Concordia Consulting’s work with the Department of Interior, a series of courses for SES executives and other leaders within the agency were developed and delivered.  One component of this program which involves giving feedback at all levels has become a cornerstone of most Concordia programs.

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