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If you’re a coach, speaker, consultant, or trainer who wants to be an entrepreneur, you need this book. Relationship-Centered Consulting will take years off your learning curve. From checklists that will help you decide if you have what it takes, to operational examples like the Monday Morning Meetings, to ideas for making clients long-term clients, Karen shares what she’s learned in 26 years of owning her own consulting business. This must-read book will help you find your own magic.

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January 26, 2016
  • Jill Weinknecht Wardell

    I love working with Karen Snyder and think you will, too. She is the total package – brilliant, warm, engaging, and real! Her insights and expertise will open up new possibilities for action in you and in your organization. If you’re interested in deep change, Karen’s your secret weapon.

  • Lewis Flax

    Awesome! Great information and practical tips for the aspiring speaker!

  • Gina Dolin

    Karen is a wonderful storyteller with a marvelous sense of humor!

  • Dutch Martin

    Karen is able to deliver, with precision and clarity, what I have wasted nearly a year trying to figure out myself. She is on-target!

  • Nicole Malachowski

    Karen is always so transparent and authentic about who she is and how she built her business, which is very helpful for us newbies!

  • Helen Holton

    Karen’s real life examples and practical perspective will help me to build my business much more quickly than I could have otherwise. Thank you!

  • Frank Di Bartolomeo

    Karen is a dynamic writer who weaves her personal stories in to the fabric of her book to really hit home her main points.

  • Jill Wardell

    Karen’s clear-cut, no-nonsense way of bringing a message is captivating. I had an instant sense of trust and confidence the minute I started reading!

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