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Concordia Consulting has been Helping Employees Work Together for 22 Years.
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Karen Snyder

The Expert HR Directors Turn To…

To arrange a coaching session:
Concordia Consulting LLC
has been Helping
Employees Work Together
for 22 years.
(301) 315-2308

The Expert HR Directors Turn To…


Group Facilitation

How well are your working groups working? Would you say they’re: Effective? Efficient? Energized? Energizing? If these words describe your work groups, congratulations! It’s fulfilling to be a part of an effective team.

On the other hand, if your work groups aren’t working so well, some essential elements are surely missing. Karen can help you find the missing pieces. Together, you will move your group toward its goals by:

• Considering whether meetings are the best way to accomplish your goals

• Bringing the right people and expertise to the group

• Working from an agenda, and sticking to it

• Soliciting information and opinions from others

• Encouraging everyone to express opinions

• Listening before commenting

• Politely and professionally discouraging disruptive and dysfunctional behavior

• Work through conflict and disagreement

Along the way, she will teach group members the skills they need for working productively in a group.


Professional Facilitation Pays Off

A health-care foundation, chartered by the state to improve the quality of care in nursing homes, recruited a group of outstanding representatives from across the health-care-delivery spectrum. Through group facilitation, Karen was able to help this dedicated group blend their varied concerns, approaches, and perspectives to work effectively toward their common goal. Together, they hammered out specific objectives and workable meeting procedures, defined the contributions each could make to the group and its tasks, set standards of accountability, and designed communication tools to keep the entire nursing home industry informed of developments, challenges, and achievements in the field.