Coaches, Speakers, and Trainers

Would you like to deliver more services to the clients you already have? Would you like to guarantee additional business beyond a one-time keynote, a one-time retreat, or a single coaching client?

Karen partners with consultants, coaches, speakers, and trainers, who want to develop long-term, long-lasting relationships with their existing clients. Using Karen’s proven methods, you will be able to extend and expand the services with the businesses that you are already serving. This isn’t about drumming up new clients, rather it is about becoming an integral member of their team. Karen will position you to be a trusted advisor, helping your existing clients take their businesses to the next level.

Karen will create a consulting arrangement to meet your level of experience, your sense of urgency, and your business needs. A customized program will be developed which may range from a small consultation by phone to a six-month mentoring program. Karen will provide you with everything you require to move forward, including contracts and on-going support.

Email or call Karen for a 30-minute free exploratory consult and start expanding your business immediately!