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Blazing The Trail For High Performers

I am so energized by the virtual program I just facilitated, helping 12 managers share best practices for “Leading High Performers.”

Three key takeaways:

High-Profile Assignments Lead to High-Profile Recognition

Seek opportunities for high performers to learn different sectors of the business, to work in various departments within the organization, and most importantly, to participate in high-profile assignments. High performers need the challenge and recognition. In addition, it is important for them to interact with colleagues in different parts of the organization.

Give High Performers Encouragement and Help Blaze the Trail for Them

High performers complain about being micromanaged. To be fair, all employees complain about being micromanaged, but for high performers, your involvement may be limiting their excitement and energy toward the project. Check in with high performers and ask them, “How’s it going?” “What can I do to help?” “What people or systems are creating barriers for you?”

Conduct “Stay” Interviews with High Performers Regularly (About Twice a Year)

High performers are driven, and they have a vast network. Depending on their skill set and industry, they may be approached by recruiters as often as once a week. Assume that your high performers are being contacted regularly and make sure that you give them every reason to “stay.” 

You can conduct your “stay” interview more casually, but here are some great questions: 11 Great Stay Interview Questions

Let us know the name and a brief summary of a high performer on your team and we will highlight them in our next newsletter!

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What Do You Want Your Senior Leaders To Consider Before Reopening?

On Tuesday, I virtually addressed a group of CEOs on effective leadership during the pandemic. As expected, the conversation turned to reopening. A few states are taking steps towards a return to work, and one of the most challenging decisions for CEOs, Executive Directors, and Agency Chiefs will be when and how to reopen their businesses. Members of the board, management, and staff may all feel very differently about the answer, so we have created an ongoing blog series on the topic.  

Readers, what do you want your senior leaders to know? What are your greatest concerns about reopening your workplace and most importantly, what solutions do you have to offer?

We will develop a list of considerations and possible solutions for the following topics, and others that may come up, and share them over the coming few weeks.

Perception — considering how others, inside and outside of your organization, will feel about opening in light of their concerns about COVID-19.

Employee Health — monitoring the health of individuals coming into your organization and planning for the possibility of how to handle an illness if it arises.

Employee Mental Health — supporting employees’ emotional needs and creating camaraderie when some must continue to work from home while others are sharing the bond of returning to work. 

Facilities — making necessary adjustments to work environments so employees, clients, customers, vendors, and others in a shared facility all feel safe.

Interpersonal Contact — maintaining social distancing recommendations within the organization, as well as during interactions with visitors.

Caregiving — accommodating employees if their previous child care arrangements are no longer available, or if they are the caregiver of a vulnerable person.

Transportation — addressing the inherent risks of using public transportation, as well as possible new concerns associated with purchasing fuel and navigating parking options.

Communication — articulating often and well your organization’s plans, expectations, and benchmarks.

Personal Protective Equipment — deciding what to provide in terms of masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, etc.

Policies — revising company policies and procedure manuals to include updated standards and best practices resulting from enhanced knowledge of infectious diseases.

What categories are missing? What solutions do you have? Please let us know.

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My Zumba Teacher Is Better Than Your Fitness Instructor

Last summer I started taking my friend Carol’s Zumba class. I got hooked and became a regular. I’m very awkward at it but I love the cardio, fun music, routine, and camaraderie that the class provides — or now, I should say, provided. I haven’t been able to attend the class for several weeks in order to do my part in preventing the spread of COVID-19. I have missed it!

I was thrilled this week when Carol sent out emails with videos of her routines that I could follow from home. They aren’t done in a professional video studio with perfect sound and lighting, and the participants aren’t in matching outfits with lovely smiles. Instead they are my friends, in their workout clothes, doing the routines that are familiar to me and that make me smile.  

Carol and me, before the need for social distancing

As humans, we seek the familiar and the routine. Habitual behaviors in both humans and animals can induce relaxation to help us manage stress during these uncertain times. These patterns heighten our belief that we are in control of our situation even when we aren’t. At this time of constant change, help provide both structure and routine to your employees and colleagues by encouraging these behaviors:

  • If you typically had an in-person staff meeting on Mondays at 9am, continue with that day and time. Keep the agenda as similar as possible.
  • If you had lunch with Alex most Tuesdays, continue this plan. Just do it virtually.
  • If you previously listened to background music in the office, use the same soundtrack at home. You may never have liked it, but now is not the time to switch it up.
  • Create as many routines as possible. Work the same hours, stop for lunch at the same time, and end your work day as you always have.

Please let me know what routines you have established. What’s working?

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