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How to Prepare for Your Internship

Hi, my name is Maria and I was Karen’s intern last summer. I’ve known Karen for a few years and I was given the opportunity to work as her administrative and personal assistant.

I prepared for this opportunity by researching other administrative and personal assistants’ experiences. Many recommended having good calendar software, strong communication skills, and most importantly, flexibility. Since I was in the area for a limited amount of time during the summer, I had to coordinate my other commitments to make sure I had the flexibility needed for this sort of job. I also made sure to be in communication with Karen constantly before I started so that we were very clear on the timeline, the pay, the responsibilities, and other small details. That way on my first day in the office we could start head-on and not have to go through any of those formalities.

It was a productive summer and a very informative summer. I’ve definitely learned a lot about the position and what it’s like to work in this area of business.

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Diversity and Inclusion - Employee Engagement - Performance Management

What To Do Before Your Intern Arrives

(Click here for Part 1, Why You Should Hire An Intern.)

So, Part 2 of Hiring An Intern! What should you do before your intern even arrives?

Well, it’s pretty simple: agree on when they’re going to start and finish, and on their work hours. Tell them your location. And of course, agree on their rate of pay. All these things seem pretty clear.

In addition, tell them your dress code and your expectations. Here’s the part that people forget about: make sure they have a computer and a working email address, make sure they have a place to sit, and have access to your building. All these things go a long way in saying, “Hey, I’m excited about you! I welcome you.”

Have a great time with your intern! It will be so wonderful for both of you.

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Diversity and Inclusion - Employee Engagement - Performance Management

Why You Should Hire An Intern

I had the most awesome experience this summer. I made the plunge and hired a college intern, and she has been awesome. She’s was incredible! I want that same experience for you and your company.

So, I want you to go to your HR department and say, “We need interns.” And definitely pay them. Paying somebody makes it more solid. Now, where are you going to get the money? It’s not a big chunk of change. You’ve got it, just go looking for it.

Some of the objections I hear are, “I’m not going to have enough for her or him to do,” and “They’re going to follow me around all the time.” It’s possible, but there are ways to work around that. And there are other objections. We’re going to work through these objections in this series.

I can’t wait to share my experience so that you too will see the benefit of having an intern. And even better, the intern has the experience of working with you!

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