More than 28 years of Testimonials

“We had an overwhelming response to the conference, and that is due in large part to your presentation of ‘Reaching Your Personal and Professional Dreams.’ From the moment you were approached about the possibility of being our guest keynote speaker, you were most receptive and committed to making this conference vital and interesting to the participants and you were able to successfully tie your presentation to the conference theme, ‘The ART of Success.'”     – Lauren J. Kimmell, Administrative Resource Team, Fairfax County

“Karen Snyder is amazing!  She was so engaging and inspiring that every person walked out of the room with a smile on their face, determined to take on the world!”  Sabrina Rubenstein, Tulane University


“We have truly benefited from your work and I can tell you that you have left quite an impression on the climate here at GSFC OHCM.  The Board of Directors has done an amazing transformation and we have you to thank for being an excellent facilitator, guide, and coach for this big change.  The Board of Directors is in retreat this week at Wallops and your legacy continues as they continue to use the ‘new way of being’ that you helped them to establish.  Yay for Karen!!!”   – Kellie Murray, NASA

“Every day Concordia Consulting brings its expertise to businesses nationally.  Recently the staff of Concordia Consulting donated their time and talent to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in the community in which we live.  The staff donated their services to help the board of Community Ministries of Rockville develop a meaningful retreat that united individuals of different backgrounds with a shared mission, to help them think strategically and adopt best practices that will help lead our organization as it moves forward.  CMR is a better organization because of their support and will be able to serve our community effectively.  Thank you Concordia Consulting for your generosity and for your professionalism.”   – Lynn Arndt, Deputy Director of Community Ministries of Rockville

“Concordia’s work was magical.  I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude in helping the board become focused and centered around our mission.  Thanks for your expertise as a skilled facilitator.”   – Agnes Saenz, Executive Director of Community Ministries of Rockville

“Karen Snyder is a business consultant and speaker who customizes every program to fit the client’s needs.  She works best with interactive programs.  She can talk for a hour to a full day and she is very very spot on.  I like Karen because she is real and has years of experience.  Karen knows business and can create a customer/employee culture/ keynote.  Karen gets you thinking… she is a very strong workshop speaker.”   – Karen McCullough, Keynote Speaker

“You have a wonderful style of relating to the group and I was truly impressed by the depth and breadth of the story and the courage it takes ‘to make lemonade out of lemons.’ I also admired that the guests in the room got to hear about how a ‘vulnerable moment’ does not need to paralyze us but offers the individual or group a chance to step up and demonstrate the resilience, courage and persistence needed to move ahead.  Your sharing will remain with me forever and made me smile all day.”   – Ann Marie Brooks, Catalyst4leadership

 “I have worked with Karen on various projects over more than a decade, and she is an absolute gem.  Her recent presentation to our group was extraordinarily insightful and, importantly, moved us to action.  Karen was knowledgeable and persuasive, and she used the right mix of humor, authority, and interaction to keep us interested and involved.  Her questioning of the group, the activities she had prepared for us, and her careful listening allowed her to connect to, engage, and motivate every member of our collaborative.  Karen helped us rethink our organizational and business model to uncover and consider new possibilities.  At the end of the presentation, we knew that we needed more of Karen’s time and we are excited about working with her to move further on several strategic initiatives.”   – Joan Wittan, College Consulting Collaborative

“Ms. Snyder has outstanding presentation skills and was able to accurately tune in to our participants varying needs and perspectives.  Additionally, she skillfully drew even our most reluctant participants into the discussions.  She was able to frame questions and answers in terms that were easily understood by the entire audience.  All feedback from participants was extremely positive, and our managers and staff have asked that we bring her back!”   – Raymond Coyle, United States Department of the Treasury

“Karen has the unique ability to deeply connect with her audience, regardless of their pay grade.  She is a gifted speaker who is not only knowledgeable in her field, but also is highly skilled at relating information in a meaningful, engaging, and understandable manner.  She is charming, yet professional, and her ethics, (personal and professional), are to be admired.”   – Lisa Kochuba, Colonial Heights Public Schools

“Thanks to Karen’s support and advice, my opening speech went really well.  Her guidance absolutely had a positive impact…much more than I could have imagined.  I am happy and satisfied that I did the best possible job, and I appreciate Karen more than she could know!”   – Mary Ocnean, VP Commercial Operations Consumer Products for Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“You can count on Karen to work with you in a creative, concentrated, and highly professional way. She has a great sense of humor and also knows how to get right to the point. She incorporates lessons from every day life into her work in a way that’s practical and insightful.”   – Lynne Waymon, CEO of Contacts Count

“Karen is an enormously thought-provoking presenter and consultant, integrating cutting edge content with skillful facilitation of diverse groups and organizational challenges. She is one of the most intuitive consultants I know, artfully managing the pace of a clients’ insights and implementation, and ready to take things to the next level at a moment’s notice, if it will serve the clients’ objectives. With a thirst for the latest research, Karen is a delight to collaborate with and a very substantive thought partner.”   – Linda K. Bidlack, Principal, LKP Assessment and Development Systems

“Karen is an outstanding business consultant and coach. I hired her to help me do important team building during a time we were making significant changes at Long & Foster Training. She’s so talented, intuitive and skilled. She made the process meaningful, fun and above all, helped me set the team on the right path. Since then, I’ve recommended her to other department heads where she’s had similar great results. Thank you Karen!”   – Susan Ireland, Long & Foster

“I just wanted to echo the same sentiment to all of those who attended the training.  I have been smiling all weekend and that is a good thing! I wish the very best to all of those to whom I have met and I hope you achieve any dreams you have set for yourselves. Thank you Kelsey for your never ending energy!!!! I will take that and run with it!! and thank you most of all Karen, for your patience, understanding and open mind, that helped me most of all. But to all of you, I have taken something from everyone and I can only hope that I will come become a better person because of it.”   – Shunda Yates, Park Ranger, Union Representative, National Mall and Memorial Parks

“She’s funny, captivating, realistic, and able to draw on relevant work experience with her case studies, scenarios, and examples, awakening senior executives (and staff at all levels) to the “tools” they already possess. She has a style that makes others instantly feel comfortable, something we greatly value in a presenter.”   – Kirsten D. Fischer, HR Manager, The Cassidy Companies, Inc.

“Karen worked closely with me to customize her programs to fit the specific needs of my internal clients at Verizon. Since 1998, Karen has delivered approximately 150 classes for us. I was impressed with her skills and abilities in creating participant involvement and receptivity. She has received exceptionally high feedback scores every time.”   –  Kathryn Morales-Walsh, Staff Director, Management Education & Development, Verizon

“If you’re looking for a Performance Enhancer whom participants consistently rate # One, then choose Karen Snyder. For six years, Karen has received consistently high marks at Comcast Communications for her unique style of creating a motivational environment. Learners benefit from her engaging manner and ability to influence participant growth in leadership development.”   – Pam Stanford, Regional Learning & Development Manager, Comcast

“Rigorous, productive, and effective are all words to describe Karen Snyder’s management-development programs. Karen helped our national customer-service team find a valuable path to providing continuous world-class service.”   – Denise Harris, USA Today

“Our employees value Karen’s intuition, and rely on her constructive feedback. They see her as an extension of the HR department. She might get more hugs than I do.”   – Jeff Hurdle, Director, Human Resources, Shire Laboratories

“I love to learn and excitedly look for ways to apply new knowledge. The recent E-mail Etiquette class served as a good refresher and was also a great platform for things I’d never learned. I have created and saved a variety of Quick Parts in Outlook. This task led me to discover I could also create e-mail templates for some my most repetitive tasks. (I now have quite a few of those, as well.) What a game changer! (That was an excited shout- not an angry one. Haha). I’ll curb a bit of my enthusiasm and sincerely say, “Thank you.”   – Stacey Robertson, Senior Program Associate at AdvaMed

“I had the best call yet with my client, Bill. Thank you for the wisdom. It helped a lot! No selling but great discussion & insights. I felt like a peer instead of a hired hand. And “business consulting session” is WAY better than coaching!!”   – Shelley Row, P.E., Leadership Decision-Making Expert…and Recovering Over-Thinker

“I came out of the course with a much stronger set of communication tools that I ever had before. Tools such as a better listening, right choice of the words and of phrases while speaking and also how to speak objectively.”   – Aisha Khali

“I came to Karen for overall career coaching.  She is helping me uncover what I should do next with my life. Karen has an encouraging style.  Her consulting is both insightful and supportive.  She truly wants me to be the best I can be. Her recommendations have been on target and her “homework” assignments allow me to discover my own answers.”   – Corporate VP of an International Manufacturing Company

“Your teaching style was engaging and superbly informative as of now, I have integrated the course materials into my  own day to day operations.”   – Barbara J. Martin, Supvy, Human Capital Specialist

“Karen’s class helped me be more mindful in my interactions with both those I supervise and my own supervisors. Class lessons and discussions  have also encouraged me as I work on envisioning and implementing the kind of institutional change I was promoted to lead.”   – Julia Huston Nguyen, National Endowment for the Humanities

“I really enjoyed the day!  I have been through the MBTI five times, and this was the best processing of it.”   – John Rosiak, NCPC

“Wow! Such a powerful speaker and a powerful message. It was a lifetime of instruction reduced to just one presentation. Wisdom for many and wisdom for every path.

Ms. Snyder is a superior speaker. I really enjoyed the program. Excellent!

I personally thought Karen was fantastic! She reminded me “why” I do what I do-because I love making people’s lives a little easier. Thank You!”

I truly enjoyed Karen. She reminded me of how important I am and gave me motivation to give my all and be the best me I can be for myself and my job and community.”

-Fairfax County Administrative Team Conference Participant Responses

“What I liked best about the program was the open sharing, especially about the less than positive aspects. The way the meeting was facilitated made it easier for us to be willing to talk and share. Karen really showed an ability to listen, and I liked the way she was able to ask people to restate or explain what was meant in order to help make sure people were truly understood.”

You are awesome, Karen! I was and continue to be impressed by your intuition and your ability to draw us out.”

-Sigma-Tau Medical Affairs Retreat Participant Responses

“The Concordia team provided our organization with the knowledge and tools to work through a long overdue transformation effort.  From coaching to teamwork and communication issues, Concordia provided the leadership team and the employees of our organization with a professional and caring approach to dealing with these and many other issues that had arisen in our division over many years.  Concordia built trust with all of our employees and prepared us to have difficult conversations, view each other from a positive perspective (assume positive intent), and approach our organizational culture with a new and dynamic outlook. The changes we have seen in our organization since working with the team at Concordia are just amazing!  It is hard to believe what we have accomplished in such a short time.”  -David Wilhelm, NASA