The Concordia Consulting Team

Kristsmith_2017tina (Tina) Smith, Lead Consultant and Coach

Tina Smith is Concordia Consulting’s Chief Co-Creator Care Consultant.  Her engagement with Concordia is a result of a serendipitous event!  She was driving to a birthday party, and when she pulled onto the street where the party was being held, she thought, hmm – Pam (a friend and former colleague) also lives on this block.  Tina wondered if Pam would be at the party.  Well my goodness, Pam was the first person she saw when she entered the backyard where the party was happening.  Pam was so ecstatic to see her, and she said, “Tina, I have been meaning to contact you!  I am working with a colleague, Karen Snyder who owns Concordia Consulting, and her business is growing very rapidly.  She needs help and you are the first person I thought of for the job!”   Well, Karen and Tina met and it was like a match made in heaven.

What Tina loves about Concordia is the synergy between all the folks that are bringing their best to work.  The clients that Karen has built relationships with are powerfully interested in moving their organizations forward, and we are the right team to make that happen.  Kristina Smith’s Resume

“Tina Smith and the Concordia team provided our organization with the knowledge and tools to work through a long overdue transformation effort.  From coaching to teamwork and communication issues, Tina provided the leadership team and the employees of our organization with a professional and caring approach to dealing with these and many other issues that had arisen in our division over many years.  Tina built trust with all of our employees and prepared us to have difficult conversations, view each other from a positive perspective (assume positive intent), and approach our organizational culture with a new and dynamic outlook. The changes we have seen in our organization since working with Tina Smith and the team at Concordia are just amazing!  It is hard to believe what we have accomplished in such a short time.”  -Dave Wilhelm, NASA


pam-stanfordPam Stanford, Consultant and Coach

Pam Stanford left retirement to serve as a process observer, HR consultant, and program designer for Concordia Consulting.  She previously worked as the Regional Manager for Learning & Development for Comcast Communications.  Pam met Karen in 1991 and they have worked together on various projects over the past 25 years.  Pam and Karen share a passion for influencing behavioral change and helping leaders build healthy organizations.  Pam completed her M.S. Degree in Education at Nazareth College in Rochester, NY.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading, listening to jazz, and traveling with family and friends.


Mary Nixon, Social Media and Research

Mary Nixon manages Concordia Consulting’s social media presence and directs research projects.  She recently compiled the information needed for Karen’s Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) certification application through a comprehensive review of all speaking engagements over the past 10 years.  Mary enjoys learning about HR coaching and consulting through her work at Concordia since, in a previous life, she was a statistician.  She and Karen met as co-leaders of their daughters’ Daisy troop many years ago.  In her free time, she volunteers for the band boosters at her daughter’s high school and enjoys reading, knitting, and spending time with her family.


Keri Christovich, Special Projects

Keri Christovich works on branding and development projects for Concordia Consulting.  Previously, Keri worked for the FDIC as a bank examiner and in various policy offices through her participation in the Women’s Executive Leadership Program.  The best part of working for Concordia Consulting is that Karen Snyder not only guides and motivates her clients, but she likewise supports her team so that we find passion in work and balance with personal goals.  Keri has served on various boards associated with her children’s schools and she teaches religious education classes at her church.  She thoroughly enjoys spending time, and especially traveling, with her husband and five children.


Anna Ting, Publishing and Organization

Anna Ting produces Karen’s newsletters and keeps Concordia Consulting organized.  As a former software engineer, Anna is fascinated with the human aspects of Karen’s successful work.  Karen and Anna were Girl Scouts together many years ago and reconnected through their children.   Anna co-directs Camp Tuckerman, helps keep track of her in-laws, and loves being with her family as everyone is moving about.


Pam Masterman, Accounting

Pam Masterman performs accounting work for Concordia Consulting.  Pam has taken on the task of switching accounting software from Quicken, a program designed for personal financial recordkeeping to Quickbooks Online, which provides many benefits to Concordia’s financial reporting.  Areas of pride for Pam include accuracy and timely reporting.  Karen and Pam met when their boys Josh and Tyler were in first grade at DuFief Elementary.  Pam is grateful to Karen for creating a work environment that values life balance.  Pam enjoys the Eastern Shore, boating and kayaking, reading, gardening, sunset happy hours, and star-gazing.