The G.I. Joe Fallacy

Last week I conducted the program Enhancing Stress Resiliency for the Training Officers Consortium. The webinar was very well-attended, and the participation was fantastic. Clearly this is a topic that people need to hear right now!

The program is based on the research of Laurie Santos from Yale University: 

One of the things I shared with the participants is that “knowing” about something doesn’t increase your ability to make related positive changes. It’s the act of doing, and doing regularly, that makes a difference. Santos and her team coined this “The G.I. Joe Fallacy”, from TV’s G.I. Joe’s mantra, “knowing is half the battle.” For instance, knowing that sitting too much is bad for your health is stressful if you continue to sit for most of the day. Now you are not only having the stress from sitting, but the stress from knowing you shouldn’t sit so much. On the other hand, if you know sitting is problematic and you buy a standing desk AND start using it, that is helpful.

Because I wanted the participants in the program to put into practice what they were learning, I suggested starting a daily written gratitude list and offered to help. I was overwhelmed by the response! Wow, I am now communicating daily with a group of federal employees across the country who are serious about reducing their stress!

Here is just a sample of the gratitude that was shared: 

  • The opportunity to show my artistry throughout the yard.
  • Seeing old episodes of ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ with my wife.
  • Weekend lazy mornings with no alarm clocks needed.
  • Seeing my daughter’s relationship with God grow.
  • Connecting with my son in a way that speaks to him — video game time.
  • The lizard that entertains me in the yard.
  • The mint blueberry lemonade my sister made me yesterday. 
  • Training for my marathon and the ways my body is responding.

 If you are serious about wanting to help your employees increase their positivity and reduce their stress, we know the process and we would love to help!

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January 26, 2016

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