Too Much Zen

Today I was conducting a coaching session with an executive I respect highly. She shared that what I said to her during a previous session had really stuck with her. I couldn’t remember what it was, so I asked, and she said, “You cannot have too much Zen right now.”

It had been 6 weeks since I shared that message with her. At the time she had told me how sad, angry, and depressed she was feeling. I asked her what self-care she was practicing.

With pride she reported that she wakes up each morning and prays, then she takes a long walk for exercise, and she ends each day with a short yoga routine. She was proud of herself for the amount of self-care she had habitualized, and I was proud of her as well!

Then I said, “How about doing more?” “More?!” she exclaimed, and I responded, “Yes, more, if possible. You can never have too much Zen.”
For many of us, we have been taught to always be “doing.” We were socialized to think next assignment, next promotion, next shiny object…  

Collectively, we are experiencing a global pandemic. Nationally, we have more unrest and discord than most of us have ever experienced during our lifetimes. There is enormous racial tension. If there was ever a time to have more Zen, it is now.  

I would love to know how you have increased your self-care during this challenging time. Remember, you can never have too much Zen!

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