What To Do Before Your Intern Arrives

(Click here for Part 1, Why You Should Hire An Intern.)

So, Part 2 of Hiring An Intern! What should you do before your intern even arrives?

Well, it’s pretty simple: agree on when they’re going to start and finish, and on their work hours. Tell them your location. And of course, agree on their rate of pay. All these things seem pretty clear.

In addition, tell them your dress code and your expectations. Here’s the part that people forget about: make sure they have a computer and a working email address, make sure they have a place to sit, and have access to your building. All these things go a long way in saying, “Hey, I’m excited about you! I welcome you.”

Have a great time with your intern! It will be so wonderful for both of you.

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Exhale, Inhale
July 20, 2020

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