What Will It Take to Get You to Stay?

Sounds like the title of a chick flick, a trashy novel or a new reality show, doesn’t it?


But, if we are referring to business, it’s the words employees hope to hear when they are considering a different job. The seasoned employee hopes that their current employer will ask them “What will it take to get you to stay?” and the employee will answer with a 50% increase in salary, a trip to the Bahamas and a corner office.


Lisa, a coaching client of ¬†mine, was told something similar when she was working out the details of covering her responsibilities during her maternity leave with her national sales manager. Her manager responded simply, “Put together something reasonable. What I really need to hear is that you WILL come back.”


Lisa’s body language told me she felt valued, respected, appreciated. I heard about it as Lisa sought my counsel to make sure she was being respectful and reasonable.


And then I heard it again when I was working with my colleague, Arnold Sanow. http://arnoldsanow.com Arnold told me that when he was marketing director for the Marines, his manager asked him, “What will it take to get you to stay?”


The question communicates so many things to the employee who receives it.
  • you are respected and valued right now
  • as your manager, I care about what I can do to keep you here and motivated
  • as your manager, I am being proactive and I am remembering that everyone¬†looks around occasionally.


I don’t encourage managers to ask this question often, and certainly not to everyone on their team. But, when you ask yourself the question, “What would I do without this star employee, it’s a good way to show them just how valued they are.

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May 10, 2017

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