Employee Engagement

Karen Snyder and the Concordia Consulting team engage a holistic, integrated, and real-time approach to measuring and driving high levels of employee commitment and passion.  Staff engagement and retention are key elements to the success of any business since it is the employees who develop, deliver, and support the customer experience.  Human capital is the essence of the products and services offered, and the core of every organization.

Employee engagement begins well before an individual’s first day on the job, with an application and interview process that includes screening not only for job suitability, but also for cultural fit.  Karen partners with your management team to craft the optimal search for new hires.

Once quality employees are attracted, individuals will achieve optimal success only if they are inspired and supported by the organization.  Clear and on-going opportunities must be provided to enable employees to learn and develop.  Karen creates programs that are completely customized to fit both your business culture, as well as any unique challenges that your organization is currently facing. As a  professional coach, Karen is in a unique position to provide specialized reinforcement of these on-going development activities.

An integral feature of Karen’s employee engagement program is the monitoring, measurement, and evaluation of engagement efforts using a variety of tools.   Such instruments may include employee engagement surveys, employee interviews, 360 degree feedback, focus groups, action teams, and experiential events.

When you implement Karen Snyder’s employee engagement program, your organization will witness first-hand the cause and effect relationship between engagement and productivity.  Contact Karen to see what is meant by,

“Inspiring you to bring your best self to work.”