Karen’s engaging presentations are tailored to your organization’s unique requirements. With 30 years of experience developing and delivering programs, Karen will collaborate with you to design the approach that fits your organization’s needs and budget. Her energetic, interactive presentations not only entertain, but will also impact the bottom line of your business.  Each program will be adapted to fit the specific needs of your agenda, budget, and audience.  Karen is available for keynotes, one-hour lunch and learn sessions, half and full day workshops, as well as multi-day trainings and staff retreats.

Karen’s most frequently requested presentations include:

Creating a More Respectful Workplace Using an Innovative Case Study Approach

In order to create a respectful and inclusive culture, organizations need to provide regular diversity, equity, and inclusion training.  But once you have had that basic training, how can you mix it up and make it relevant year after year?  At Concordia Consulting, we have found a way!  We take actual situations that we have been asked to remedy and change them just enough to protect those involved.  Then we use these real-life scenarios in a case-study format to bring our programs to life.  Our engaging training sessions will captivate your employees and create real change.  These highly interactive courses will help them manage a complex problem and create a positive work environment through entertaining, experiential learning.

Leading Effectively When You Aren’t the Official Leader

Many times, professionals find themselves in positions of leadership without official titles or authority.  You may have responsibility for instituting policies, creating initiatives, and adhering to budgets, yet you may not have the authority to make decisions, increase resources, or define the scope of projects.  How can professionals create change when they have limited authority?  When in that situation, how can you create change with limited authority?  In this interactive program, which can be delivered as a keynote or break-out session, Karen Snyder will facilitate exercises illustrating to participants how to succeed by enlarging their sphere of influence, motivating and inspiring others, and finding empowerment through learning “what leaders do” that is effective.

Blame, Shame and It’s Not My Fault!

In every organization, things go wrong.  How does your organization handle mix-ups, dilemmas, and full-out disasters?  In this program, participants will uncover the high-cost of blame in organizations.  Participants will also gain a deeper ability to turn problems into solutions for better procedures and outcomes, to implement techniques for shifting conversations and meetings that are spiraling down, to notice and change their own “piling on” that makes bad situations even worse, and to discuss problems without drama.  Additionally, they will learn to respond to problems, even big problems, in ways that will add to creativity and efficiency in the workplace.

Unintentional Bias Impacts Your Organization

Successful businesses hire a diverse workforce, but does that diversity of perspectives make it to all your employees, your managers, and your customers?  Does your public relations team understand how different cultures impact the mission?  In this highly interactive session, you will make an action plan for bringing unconscious bias to light in your company to better serve your organization and your customers.  After participating in this workshop, participants will be able to 1) Understand unconscious bias and uncover some of your own; 2) Discover the implications of unconscious bias on your organization; 3) Identify the filters through which colleagues view and interpret themselves and others; 4) Create an action plan for informing your colleagues regarding unconscious bias; and 5) Apply this knowledge to everyday work experiences.

Earning a Seat at the Table

“A seat at the table” can mean an actual seat at a table where strategic business discussions take place.  “A seat at the table” can also mean the ability to influence those decisions.  The path to earning “a seat at the table” will be unique for each individual, but there are similarities in the skill sets of those who make it to the top positions in organizations.  This session will support each individual as they journey to find their place.  After participating in this workshop, participants will be able to increase your visibility by getting your work noticed and recognized, cultivate advocates within your organization, expand your sphere of influence, and speak “C-Suite” in order to shape the culture of your organization.

Skyrocket Your Business through Relationships

People buy from people they like.  It’s that simple.  So how do businesses leverage their existing relationships?  And how do they teach employees in their companies to do the same?  From 28 years of running her own consulting business, including insights from her book “Relationship Centered Consulting,” Karen Snyder will reveal her top take-aways.  You will learn five key ways to draw buyers to your business, and you will leave with an easy to follow action plan that you can implement now!  You will become the “go-to person” for potential clients by focusing on what your clients need, not what you are currently providing.

Additional topics that you may want to consider for your organization:

Programs for CEO’s and Leadership Teams

  • Increasing Profit through Team Synergy
  • Creating Positivity in the Workplace
  • Increasing Employee Engagement
  • Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace
  • Effective Board Management
  • Mastermind Groups

Programs for Front-Line Managers

  • Bringing Out the Best in Everyone, Even the Ones You Want to Drop-Kick
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Generations in the Work Place
  • Managing Former Peers
  • Delegation Effectiveness
  • Writing and Delivering Motivating Performance Appraisals
  • Blame, Shame, and It’s Not My Fault!
  • Hiring the Best Talent – Interviewing Skills
  • New and Experienced Manager Boot Camp

Programs for High-Level Communication

  • Delivering Presentations People Tweet About
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Meeting Management
  • Email Taming
  • Professionalism
  • Focus Groups
  • Critical Thinking

Programs for Individual Contributors

  • Creating Daily Habits to Maximize Productivity
  • All the Responsibility without Authority:  Leading Effectively
  • Book Club
  • Making Better Decisions with Confidence and Ease
  • Understanding and Welcoming Change
  • Goal Setting
  • Managing Disagreement – Why Don’t You Think What I Think?

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Joan Wittan, College Consulting Collaborative

“Karen is an absolute gem. Her recent presentation to our group was extraordinarily insightful and, importantly, moved us to action. Karen was knowledgeable and persuasive, and she used the right mix of humor, authority, and interaction to keep us interested and involved.”

Joan Wittan, College Consulting Collaborative


Joan Wittan, College Consulting Collaborative

Kirsten D. Fischer, The Cassidy Companies, Inc.

“Karen is funny, captivating, realistic, and able to draw on relevant work experience with her case studies, scenarios, and examples.  She awakens senior executives, and staff at all levels, to the ‘tools’ they already possess.  Karen has a style that makes others instantly feel comfortable, something we greatly value in a presenter.” 

Kirsten D. Fischer, The Cassidy Companies, Inc.


Kirsten D. Fischer, The Cassidy Companies, Inc.

Lauren J. Kimmell, Fairfax County

“From the moment Karen was approached about being our keynote speaker, she was most receptive and committed to making our conference vital and interesting to the participants. We had an overwhelming response, and that is due in large part to Karen’s presentation.”

Lauren J. Kimmell, Fairfax County


Lauren J. Kimmell, Fairfax County

Sabrina Rubenstein, Tulane University

“Karen Snyder is amazing!  She was so engaging and inspiring that every person walked out of the room with a smile on their face, determined to take on the world!” 

Sabrina Rubenstein, Tulane University


Sabrina Rubenstein, Tulane University