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Feedback and Recognition - Performance Management

Have You Listened to Yourself Lately?

While reviewing a 360 degree feedback assessment with a senior leader a few days ago, I was showing him the section where he rates himself and then his manager, his colleagues, and his direct reports all assess him on the same quality.

Whether the rating criteria was “Organizes work thoughtfully in a way that achieves maximum efficiency,” or “Creates an inclusive work environment where everyone’s thoughts are valued,” the senior leader consistently rated himself significantly lower than all, not several, but ALL of the other raters. His CEO rated him higher, his peers rated him higher, and his direct reports rated him higher. When I pointed this out to him, in his usual humble way he asked, “Why does that matter?”

The reason it matters is because he is incredibly instrumental in the organization, a mentor to many, and respected by even more. He is ready to expand his reach and to develop additional projects and everyone knows this but him. As a result, he is actually holding himself back, and in turn, holding back his own organization.

We all know leaders who are difficult to work with and who don’t see their own blind spots. These folks truly need to learn from their raters and work to build essential skills. Similarly, when we are doing a great job, it is just as important to recognize our achievements and to build on our positive attributes. 

If you would like to learn more about 360 degree feedback, you can do so here.

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Diversity and Inclusion - Leadership

What Are You?

In order to create a respectful and inclusive culture, organizations need to provide regular diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training. But once you have had that basic training, how can you mix it up and make it relevant year after year?

At Concordia Consulting, we have found a way! We have adapted actual situations that we have been asked to remedy by changing them just enough to protect those involved. Then we implement the scenarios using a case-study approach to bring our training to life.

Want to try one? 

A pharmaceutical representative, Leila, went to the office of a Caucasian doctor associated with a large teaching hospital. While Leila was making her drug presentation, the doctor asked, “So, what are you?” referring to Leila’s racial background. Leila reported the incident to her company’s CEO.


  • Should Leila have responded to the doctor?
  • How should the CEO respond?
  • What further actions, if any, should be taken?  

Have you ever witnessed a similar situation in your organization? Please let me know how you would deal with this scenario, as well as how effectively you think your organization might handle it. We will be sharing similar experiences in the months to come. If you would like facilitated training with us, we will customize a program specifically for your organization’s circumstances and culture.

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Leadership - Mindset - Performance Management

When is Your Year-End?

I was working with a coaching client last week and he said, “I have to get all of these projects done by year-end.” Having just looked at the calendar a few hours before to set some realistic deadlines for my own team, I thought it wise to consider how many weeks there are before year-end.

As this client is with a university, and the university pretty much shuts down the week of Thanksgiving and then in mid-December right after finals, there are three to four productive work weeks before year-end for him. Although your organization might not operate on an academic schedule, you are probably feeling similar pressure to meet goals and finish projects.

So, given that the timeline is tight, how can you manage your work and personal commitments for the remainder of 2022? Here are some techniques that I’ve learned work well for my clients, and for the Concordia team as well.

At work:

  • Study your calendar carefully. After you take out vacation days, personal appointments, and possibly a mild illness, how many actual work days do you have? What can you realistically accomplish?
  • If you are going to miss any year-end deadlines, start communicating that now. Explain the obstacles you have encountered and have a workable plan for when you can complete the work.

At home:

  • Set an achievable schedule for self-care and stick to it. Exercise, meditation, prayer, nutrition, and sleep schedules are necessary for a healthy you! If you aren’t making time for these activities, don’t wait for the new year to start being a new you. Introduce one of these to your life now. It will help!
  • And don’t add financial worries to your list of potential stresses. Just like setting realistic deadlines for your work, set realistic goals for your finances. If your family gives gifts, make sure they stay within a reasonable budget.  

Looking at the weeks ahead and making a plan will allow you to finish the year strong.  

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