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Have you met In? Isn’t she cheerful and easy to work with?

While vacationing last week we went to the local Kmart to purchase everything we had forgotten to pack.  While shopping, my son Josh pointed out this sign:


And don’t get me wrong, I espouse making mistakes.  In fact, in organizations where there are few mistakes, there’s usually a plethora of stifled minds, stifled initiative and stifled creativity.  And since I don’t want to have a stifled mind, stifled initiative or stifled creativity, I go out of my way to make mistakes, just ask my daughter.

Thus, it’s not the mistake that I find amazing, it’s that no one has corrected the mistake.  And yes, I am aware that many Kmart employees may not be college graduates and may not be native English speakers, but haven’t others noted and commented on the sign?

Don’t the security guards wonder why customers stop to take pictures of the sign?  Or was the sign placed there, for our benefit?  Perhaps it was a gift to our family so that the 7 of us would have something to chat about as we piled back into the minivan and made our way back to the beach cottage.

Please let me know and send me pictures to me of what you notice and wonder about.

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