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If You Woke Up And “It” Was No Longer There

November. The Month of Gratitude.

The next time you can’t sleep, try this appreciation exercise. My amazing mentor Glenna Salsbury taught it to me years ago, and I rely on it often.

Imagine that anything you fail to be grateful for today, is then gone tomorrow.

Are you grateful for the birds chirping? The heat in your apartment? What about running water?

Are you grateful you have a job? A paycheck? A desk? Colleagues, students, patients, customers, members, clients who depend on you?

Are you grateful for your brain? Your hair? Your toes that help you balance? People who have physical limitations might suggest that the rest of us be more appreciative.

And food…so many choices here! Sometimes I am grateful that I have food. Other times that someone other than me prepared the food. And what about a perfectly delicious peach with juice dripping down my chin, or apple desserts with cinnamon!  

Pleasant dreams, and try this exercise the next time you need a restful sleep.

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