Should Your Business Be Named Meraki?

On a recent business trip to Las Vegas, our group decided to go off the beaten path and try a well-reviewed Greek restaurant. Since we were over-ordering, rather than allowing us to make a mistake, the waitress asked us how hungry we were. We adjusted our order. Our meal came, and we were delighted with the flavorful and fresh food and the friendly staff.  

With Google always at our fingertips, we decided to look up the name of the restaurant, Meraki. It turns out that this Greek word means to do something with passion, from the heart, with absolute devotion. This is a word that modern Greeks often use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love — like when you put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing, whatever it may be.

We all have challenges in our professional lives, but if we approach our work with meraki, imagine what we can accomplish! When you start your next task, build in soul, creativity, and love, and please share with me the difference you see in your work and in yourself.

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