Holiday Party Scruples-Tips Not Found in the Employee Handbook

15833409_sThis morning I attended a breakfast with like-minded professionals. The conversation drifted to holiday office parties and career gaffes we’ve seen through the years. So here is my gift to you . . . a few norms that may not be in the employee handbook.

Keep in mind, the annual office party is a business event. It’s just held in a social setting.

Seeking a position of more responsibility? Sensible drinking can be synonymous with personal reliability. Highballs can lead to pitfalls.

In a relaxed setting, making unprofessional comments or telling risqué jokes is easy to do yet hard to overcome on Monday morning.

Fair or not, your date for the evening represents you. Whatever he or she discusses can be a reflection on you.

Concerning fashion, a little panache never hurts. But when your physique becomes the topic of conversation, you may have revealed too much.

Feel free to “re-gift” these words to colleagues. If they help prevent a career blunder, you will have indeed passed along a present. May your weeks ahead be filled with kindred professionals to share in food, love and laughter!

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