Mirror Busting

I busted the side mirror on my van, again. I do it frequently. My garage entrance is narrow. My car is wide. It happens when I am rushing. Not paying attention. Trying to be in two mental places at one time.

Recently, I traveled to a coaching meeting. When I arrived, my client Ramon was in another meeting instead of being in his office as we had agreed. I waited. After 10 minutes, he arrived but said that he needed the restroom and that he hadn’t had anything to eat all day, so he asked, “Do you mind if I grab a bite to eat during our session?”

Interestingly, some of the feedback I had received about Ramon was that he was often distracted during meetings. Additionally, he was unprepared. His colleagues were frustrated.

All of us try to do two (or more!) things at once sometimes. When we multitask, none of our efforts are completely successful.

In my life, this ongoing problem of mirror busting costs scheduling time at the dealership, real dollars, and frustration. What are the costs of trying to do two things at once for you?

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