10 Reasons to Conduct Regular Performance Reviews


Performance reviews can be an opportunity for individuals, departments and organizations to improve.  The best performance reviews create a meaningful dialog between employees and managers.  The process encourages a sharing of ideas, opinions and information – with no surprises or anxiety.  Quality performance reviews are relaxed, two way conversations.  If your reviews aren’t relaxed it may be because you and your manager don’t meet often enough to discuss how things are going.

Below are 10 benefits of Performance Reviews:

  1.      Strengthens the relationship between the employee and manager.
  2.      Provides an opportunity to appreciate the employee for their ongoing contribution and for the employee to appreciate the manager as well.
  3.      Invites managers to express areas of strength.
  4.      Focuses the manager’s attention on the employee without interruptions.
  5.      Provides an opportunity for employees to ask for what they need (training, resources, support, etc.).
  6.      Provides data for promotion, compensation, or corrective action.
  7.      Identifies how the employee can be a more effective contributor.
  8.      Identifies how the manager can support the employee.
  9.      Creates a structure for the employee and manager to regularly connect on performance and goals.
  10.    Provides a way to document performance to avoid legal actions.

In order to conduct an effective performance appraisal, ongoing coaching and feedback are needed throughout the year.

When was the last time you had an informal discussion with your employee about performance?


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