Taking Your Organization’s Pulse

After blogging my short videos about the importance of employee engagement surveys, I heard from a reader, Allen Bowman.

He wrote, “I thought your note was particularly relevant, as we do bi-annual, organization-wide, employee engagement surveys, and we’ve also started doing “pulse” surveys every 6 weeks or so within our Division because we’re undergoing a transformation and we want to make sure people are coming along with the change. It’s proved to be very effective in terms of everyone feeling that their voice is heard, while equipping leadership with understanding of communication gaps or issues to address!”

I picked up the phone and chatted with Allen. We talked about how helpful a brief, under five minute, survey can be.

Part of having an engaged workforce is asking for feedback in systematic ways, at regular and frequent intervals.

Another way to make sure that the feedback continues is to always acknowledge and appreciate it, in addition make as many of the recommended changes as feasible, and when not possible, let participants know why the change cannot be made.

Too often surveys ask questions, but allocate no resources to address the feedback received. Don’t make this mistake in your organization!

Does your organization ask for your feedback too much, too little, or just right?

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