A Corporate Moment of Silence

Last week, victims were shot and killed in Atlanta, Georgia.

This week, more innocent victims were killed in a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado.

The perpetratorĀ in Atlanta identified sex addiction as a factor in his crime.

Some believe that the incident was a hate crime rooted in racism and misogyny.

Others feel that the incidents are being politicized.

And still others are triggered just to read the words before this.

What all of us know is that people are dead and families are now broken. There is fear, blame, and most of all deep, deep sadness and grieving.

Whether we go to a workplace or turn on our computer in a home office to begin work day, our deep feelings and emotions may be suppressed, but they do not go away.

When tragedies happen, I urge you in your staff meetings, your company meetings, and your communications to take a moment and share in silence. Encourage all employees to feel what they feel individually, but to share the sadness together. Acknowledge what is happening in the world we live in.

Be well my readers, and be kind to one another.

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