Just Give Me a Smirk

Occasionally, someone I work with tells me that I am funny. That’s music to my ears, but truly, I know I am not a comedic genius. I just try for the “give me a smirk,” or if you are under the age of 30, perhaps an eye roll in disbelief of how corny my joke was.

My friend and colleague, humorist Ron Culberson, told me many years ago that having a good sense of humor doesn’t mean that you are funny, but rather that you laugh easily and enjoy laughter. I can get behind that!

Thus, this Ted Talk really spoke to me. The presenter clearly shows how levity and humor at work can make you more likable and more effective. There was one great example from a CEO that made me wonder how Madeleine Albright had a huge bug brooch available to her at just the right moment, well before the days of Amazon and Ebay!

The Ted Talk takes 9:10 minutes to watch. It demonstrates why taking a moment for humor at the beginning of a meeting is worth the time and effort, and how laughter brings people together.

Why Great Leaders Take Humor Seriously

Please share with me how you incorporate humor in your work. And even if you don’t consider yourself funny, I hope you laugh easily and with gusto.

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July 8, 2014

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