The Benefits of Working for a Small or Medium Sized Company

Many businesses are finding new hiring challenges with a shrinking labor pool to draw from. And so, I have been working with my clients to help them strengthen their hiring practices in order to attract the very best candidates. Large companies have their name recognition, great benefits, and often more competitive salaries, so what do mid-sized and smaller companies have to offer? Smaller companies can offer their size as a selling point to potential applicants, and below I have listed some of the benefits. They are numerous and detailed, so feel free to visit my website for a more robust discussion.


More interconnection with colleagues. The opportunity to experience a 360-degree view of company-wide operations and gain skills in multiple areas of expertise. Involvement in new things and a variety of assignments.


Interactions with C-suite decision-makers to learn firsthand from their experience. Access to people who matter to showcase your abilities. A chance to build valuable relationships and job skills.


Closer work relationships with executives. A chance to make a direct impact, take on more responsibility, and have your hard work noticed.


More teamwork and collaboration with colleagues.


Leaders with outside-the-box ideas for how to engage team members and create a pleasant work environment.


Autonomy in your work. Simpler reporting structures, with less red tape and protocol. Projects completed more quickly and with less frustration.

Personal Satisfaction 

Closer personal relationships with coworkers. Visibility when you produce good work. The knowledge that you and your efforts matter.


Business decisions made with employees in mind. Company-wide creative risks with strategies. Requests for input from lower-level staffers.

Workplace Culture

Desired and beneficial workplace culture developed, promoted, and implemented more quickly.


Appreciation for your efforts, reported to be experienced more often in smaller organizations.

Creative Bonuses 

More creative and customizable fringe benefits.

Can you think of other perks of working for a small or medium sized company? Please share with me, especially if you have firsthand experiences.

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