The Zumba Instructor

In order to create a respectful and inclusive workplace culture, organizations need to provide regular diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training. But once you have had that basic training, how can you mix it up and make it relevant year after year?

At Concordia Consulting, we have found a way! We have adapted actual situations that we have been asked to remedy by changing them just enough to protect those involved. Then we implement the scenarios using a case-study approach to bring our training to life.

Want to try one? 

A college professor, Mansoor, became Zumba-certified and started teaching Zumba classes on the college campus where he also worked as a physics instructor.

At the beginning of the following semester, one of the regular female participants from his Zumba class, Antonia, registered to attend his physics class. They both recognized each other immediately when they saw each other in the physics hall, and they mentioned to one another that they knew each other from Zumba. Over the course of the semester, the professor taught the class, and the student attended the class. They both smiled and were friendly to one another.

The two regularly saw each other in both the Zumba class and the physics class.

At the end of the semester, Mansoor asked the student if she would like to go out for a coffee. Antonia accepted, and the two began to see each other regularly. They continued this relationship.


  • Is this considered sexual harassment?
  • If it is not sexual harassment, what is it?
  • If it is sexual harassment, at what point did it become harassment?
  • If you were working at this college, and you knew about this situation, what would you do?
  • If a student in the physics class complained to HR that Antonia was getting preferential treatment, would that change your answers?

Have you ever witnessed a similar situation in the workplace? Please let me know how you would deal with this scenario, as well as how effectively you think your organization might handle it. We will be sharing similar experiences in the months to come. If you would like facilitated training with us, we will customize a program specifically for your organization’s circumstances and workplace culture.

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