Thanksgiving has always been one of my very favorite holidays. I like the family time where we all sit around making suggestions about what we should do together. Usually nothing actually happens — it’s so predictable that it is fun! I love the aromas and I am especially delighted when I smell apples and cinnamon baking together, wafting through the house. It blankets me in peace and sugar.

When I first heard the word “Friendsgiving” from my eldest son, I admit that I was a bit taken aback. You mean my kids could go off and make their own traditions and eat wonderful food with their buddies? Their BFFs? I quickly got ahold of myself and realized the blessing of those wonderful friends! It was even easier to embrace Friendsgiving when I realized how those friends have become a tapestry of our entire family’s lives. Oh how I love those adopted young adults that have brought joy to our nuclear family!

And if there’s going to be Thanksgiving with family, and Friendsgiving with friends, I would like to propose Worksgiving. For Worksgiving, my list of gratitude is as long as the other two categories. Here goes…

I am thankful for fulfilling work that helps people improve their work lives and often transcends into their personal lives. If you are receiving this, you have touched my life and I want to hear from you again.

To the clients who have hired me or are planning on hiring me, I am oh, so grateful. Without you, there would be no Concordia! And where would I get the money to buy the turkey, the apples, and the cinnamon? Thank you for your trust. And thank you for the referrals; they are my life boat and they mean the world to me!

I am thankful to work with the most creative, caring, giving, and flexible people on the planet! Thank you to Keri, Tina, Pam, Mary, Pam, Arnie, Lane, Dave, Lara, Laura, Dahlia (we miss you!) and recently, Tiffany.

I am so, so grateful to the NSA-DC board and chapter. Thank you to Nicole! And thank you to Ann Marie, Colleen, Denise, Dr.O, Gregg, Kiki, Lewis, Liz, Liz, Myla, Sharon and Shelley. Thank you for your incredible support. I adore each of you so much!

Wow, what would I do without my NSA National friends? The list is way too long, but this year alone the following people have been incredibly helpful: Jennifer, Lenora, Laurie, Gary, Patti, Pegine, and Russ.

Thank you to those of you I missed when I rapidly dashed off this list. Please make your own list of gratitude and pass it on. Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving and Worksgiving– all excuses to express appreciation.

Let me hear from you as you tell me what you appreciate.

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August 27, 2014

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