Your Organization Looks Like You

When I read this article, one of many on “The Great Resignation,” I was reminded of what my accountant told me many years ago. She said, “Over time, employees start to reflect the values of the leader.” While this article refers to creating a culture where employees have personal well-being, the message of leaders modeling the culture they desire applies to all areas of leadership. In the article, the author, Jen Fisher wrote, 

”When I wasn’t taking vacation, my team noticed and followed suit. That’s why it’s so important for leaders to model positive well-being behaviors and show their teams that rest and recovery is both permissible and necessary.”

What leaders say is very important, but what they model is just as important, possibly even more so. Leaders, managers, supervisors, if there is anything that you are encouraging, demanding, or expecting your employees to do, and yet you are not consistently modeling, you are likely wasting your words.

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