It Bears Repeating This Time Of Year

I was delighted when at a weekend party a friend told me that she had enjoyed my recent blog, What Will Your Colleagues Say At Your Funeral?. That blog actually got a lot of feedback, and some responses were quite funny. One of the most humorous was:

“Many are coming to pay their respects. I’m coming to make sure he’s really dead.” 

When I replied to those lighthearted responses, I asked, “What do you want your colleagues to say at your funeral?” But no one had a serious answer. 

Here is my answer to this question: I want my work to have meaning. I want to improve the organizations where I work by empowering individuals, often one person at a time, and by helping them to be successful, regardless of their positions or titles. I want the changes that they make at work to improve their personal lives as well. 

Take the exercise a bit further. At this time of fresh starts, think about what impact you want your work to have. What adjustments can you make now so that your colleagues will recognize your efforts, and maybe even tell you before your funeral?!

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