Let Me Tell You How to Vote

No worries, I am not really crazy enough to tell you or anyone else how to vote. All I hope is that you will exercise your patriotic right tomorrow. 

Recently, the Concordia team was compiling a list of laws and regulations for a client. In the process, we uncovered some that were quite interesting, and we thought we would share. We think they will make you scratch your head and create some levity. Hope you enjoy reading these as much as we did!  

They come from this source:

31 Strange But True Laws Still on the Books

  • Federal law dictates that anyone who “issues or publishes a fake weather report and claims it’s from the Weather Bureau is subject to imprisonment for not more than ninety days.”
  • Wisconsin restricts margarine regarding the size of the container and the size of font on the packaging.
  • New Orleans law forbids the “business of fortune-telling, astrology, or palmistry to settle lovers’ quarrels … locate buried or hidden treasures … remove evil influences … reveal secrets … or to bring together the bitterest enemies converting them into staunchest friends.” 
  • In Pennsylvania, you actually have to dismantle your car and hide it if you’re sharing the road with a team of skittish horses.
  • In Missouri, you cannot, under any circumstances, drive with an uncaged bear in your car.
  • Florida’s elephant riders get no special treatment. If planning on parking their elephants at a paid meter, they must pop in some change.
  • North Dakota forbids serving beer and pretzels at the same time. 
  • Oklahoma warns that you can expect to pay a fine if you make ugly faces at someone’s dog.
  • Illinois forbids you from giving your pup a lighted cigar no matter how much he wants one.
  • In New Hampshire you cannot sell a lightning rod without a license.
  • Little Rock, Arkansas, has made it illegal to honk your horn after 9:00 p.m. at any place where sandwiches or cold drinks are served. 

Did any of these make you smile? And have you heard of any absurd ones you would like to share with us?

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