What Would You Do?

In order to create a respectful and inclusive culture, organizations need to provide regular diversity, equity, and inclusion training. But once you have had that basic training, how can you mix it up and make it relevant year after year?

At Concordia Consulting, we have found a way. We have taken real examples of situations we have been asked to remedy and have changed them just enough to protect those involved. Then we use the situations in case study format to bring our training to life.

Want to try one? 

During a meeting a client starts his comments by saying, “Millennials and their horrible progressive ideas about business…” 


  • As an attendee at the meeting, is there anything you could do in the moment?
  • After the meeting, is there anything you could or should do?

Please let me know how you would deal with this, as well as how effectively you think your organization might handle it. We will be sharing these situations in the months to come, and if you would like facilitated training with us, we will customize them for your organization.

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