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One of my coaching clients, Sally, asked me to observe her leading an environmental lobbying group. First of all, she is fantastic and I am so proud of her! With her permission, I am sharing some of what I noticed that she is doing well.

  • Her background and lighting looked great, with nothing distracting showing on the screen.
  • Sally logged in about 10 minutes early so that no one would be waiting on her.
  • She individually welcomed attendees as they joined the virtual meeting.
  • Sally politely and respectfully voiced,“I would like to encourage everyone to leave their video on so we can see you and your expressions.” She had talked with some of her colleagues prior to the meeting and asked them to support her on this message.
  • Sally used great non-verbal communication. She nodded her head, she smiled, and she maintained great eye contact.
  • Sally does a great job of using and repeating everyone’s names throughout the meeting, which is especially helpful for those who are not on video.

Regarding eye contact, if you look directly into the camera when you’re speaking on a virtual meeting, the participants will perceive you as looking at them. If you look at their little box, you will be able to see their expressions, but your eye contact will be slightly off.

Many of the techniques used in person are the same techniques that make for better virtual meetings. Which ones do you find challenging?

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May 10, 2017

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