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What Are Your Resilience Habits?

A couple weeks ago I partnered with my colleague and friend, Sylvia Baffour to deliver a program on resilience habits. A main topic of the program was the importance of developing a resilience mindset. Everyday habits play an important role in developing a resilience mindset; here are three that we encouraged participants to practice:

Conquer Your Disruptors 

Every organization has them. One of the organizations I work with calls them fire drills. Another calls them daily malfunctions, and in one of my first jobs, we called them the elitists. These are the upsets that happen with such frequency that we should predict them, name them, and learn strategies for managing them. To help you begin to identify your own disruptors, below are three examples from my encounters:  My physical therapist says her disruptors are cancellations, and they used to upset her whole day, causing her to become frustrated. Then one of her colleagues exclaimed, “I love cancellations!” When the two chatted about it, the cancellation lover said, “I keep my running clothes in my office. Now when I get a cancellation, I go for a super quick 40-minute run. It’s amazing!”     In a manufacturing facility where I was conducting training, we learned that the equipment often breaks which is quite disruptive! Deadlines were missed, causing the employees to work overtime. This was expensive and problematic. After reviewing trends, it was discovered that the equipment experienced mechanical problems approximately twice per year, and production halted for an average of two days each time. Once this was discovered, this work slippage was calculated and expected. It was no longer a surprise, and that helped to reduce the stress it caused.

In one of my summer jobs as a college student I worked in a high-end women’s apparel store. It was the store policy to accept any merchandise that a customer returned. Prominent women in the DC area would shop during the week, purchase their gowns and finery, wear them on the weekends, and then return all the items on Monday morning. While they were in the store on Monday they would often make smaller purchases and then have tea in the tea room and chat with their friends about the weekend. My colleagues and I were incensed by the customers’ behavior until the manager of the store spoke at an all-staff meeting and shared why the store’s philosophy was intentional and working for sales. He changed our disruptors into something fun to watch, laugh about, and name – “the elitists.”

Mind Your Monologue

Another strategy that we covered during the program was minding your internal monologue. When faced with a project or task that feels hard, what do you say to yourself? Do you remind yourself of a similar task that you did and felt good about, or do you focus on the negative? We shared examples of how your inner monologue creates future outcomes, and we encouraged participants to spotlight the positives.

Practice Mindfulness

You can’t talk about resilience without talking about mindfulness. Do you pray? Practice yoga? Journal? Meditate? Train in Tai Chi? Or engage in another mindfulness practice? There are so many ways that we can reset and respond to the chatter in our brains. What are your favorites and what do you practice daily? Please share with me!

To learn more about the program on Resilience Habits and other programs, please click here

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Elbow to Elbow

I am very excited to be attending the upcoming National Speakers Association meeting this weekend in Nashville. You are bound to hear much about it since I always come back with new, creative ideas for my clients (and for my blogs!). This is where I first heard about graphic storytelling, a great tool for facilitation. 

I have been a member of NSA for more than 20 years and was recently the president for our local chapter. NSA is where I learn about the latest techniques and best practices. And, I invariably make new and wonderful friends.

Pre-pandemic, I attended the NSA conference every year. There I found colleagues who were genuinely interested in both my business and my life. The hallway discussions were as valuable as the keynotes and small group sessions.

This conference will be the first time I have attended in person in 3 years. While I am grateful to have stayed in touch with colleagues and to have had many phone calls and zoom calls, for me, nothing beats sitting face-to-face and truly sharing.

What professional conferences and workshops are available in your industry? Do you attend, and if so, what do you gain? If not, how do you stay current in your field?

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What Do Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Juneteenth Have in Common?

As the calendar turns and we go from one special occasion to the next, I am often surprised to hear, “I hate Christmas!” “We never celebrate Valentine’s Day.” “Every day should be Mother’s Day!” 

If we read between the lines, we will understand that what is actually meant is, “Keep Christ in Christmas.” Or, “Share love every day instead of supporting the Valentine’s Day marketing ploy.” Unfortunately, we can now add Juneteenth to this list. 

If you didn’t know, Walmart started selling a Juneteenth ice cream last month, and soon after experienced a social media backlash. You can read about it here

Since I was not in the Walmart meeting rooms when the decision was made to create, brand, and market the product, I won’t speak to that. I will, however, point out that Juneteenth is a time to honor and support Black business owners as well as Black playwrights, scientists, and authors, just to name a few.  

So, if Walmart’s attempt to capitalize on the holiday is controversial, how should we support the holiday and its meaning? 

Take some time this week to watch a documentary, listen to a podcast, or visit a museum. Learn about our country’s history, and work to create more change in your community. Buy from Black-owned businesses. We produced a list last year for our DC friends, but it’s an easy Google search wherever you live. And if you are having a hankering for ice cream, order Creamalicious

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