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Happy Labor Day 2020!

Happy Labor Day! I am immensely grateful for the health care workers who must be so very tired, and for the teachers who are trying their very best to meet the needs of our students.

I am also grateful for my work this Labor Day. I recognize how lucky I am to continue working online and connecting with my clients through presentations and coaching. I am grateful for the many employees who toiled on fields and in foundries paving the way for white collar workers.

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What Does Your E-mail Say About You?

On the same day I received e-mails from two men, Farik and Dave, in different organizations. While both men are about the same age and in a similar place in their careers, their e-mails were very different.

Dave’s e-mail concerned me because it had these issues:

  • The salutation was “hey.”
  • There were two misspellings.
  • The tone, while positive and pleasant, had a fair amount of slang.
  • The subject line didn’t reflect the topic of the message.

Farik’s e-mail was professional and had none of those problems. When I complimented Farik, he said that his mentor took him aside after a snafu and shared with him the importance of e-mail etiquette. Those lessons came at a cost during his internship, but had made a lasting impression. Farik was glad he learned the e-mail lesson early in his career!

And the most important email rule of all is to “never write anything in an e-mail that you wouldn’t say directly to the person in a face-to-face conversation.” In fact, remember that whatever you write can, and likely will, be passed throughout the office and potentially to a news source.

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I have written about this topic before, and it’s as important as ever:  

Last Week You Were Still There

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Masterclass in Living in the Present

I met with my coach yesterday and she asked me, “How are you doing?” We chatted for a while and I shared that my Coronavirus life is like a roller coaster. Sometimes I am full of gratitude for all that is going right in my life, and other times I am full of worry and loss.

She said simply, “This time period is a masterclass in living in the present moment.”

What we learn from meditation, prayer, and yoga is to “Be Here Now.” Meditation coach Sarah Raymond says, “We cannot take a past breath, we cannot take a future breath, we can only take a current breath.”

Please be gentle with yourselves and others during this challenging time in our lives, our workplaces, and our families.  

Share with me how you are coping. I always love hearing from you.

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